Some useful resources for troubleshooting πŸ“—
You'll find a list of common help topics below. For direct support, please contact us on Discord. You can subscribe to our premium support channel there to create support tickets.

The Dashboard or Checkout page is unresponsive

Your Web3 auth session has expired (Helio --> 30 mins but your wallet has it's own auth session length). Simply reconnect your wallet.

How do I brand my checkout pages?

Connect to the Helio Dashboard --> Settings --> Merchant settings
You can upload an image, name of your project and URL. Save and all your checkout pages will reflect the details.
Example of branded checkout page

I can't connect my wallet on mobile

When opening a Helio Pay Link on a mobile device, it might open up in your Safari or Chrome browser by default.
Web3 apps are not yet supported in standard mobile browsers. Since Helio is a native Web3 app as well, you can simply copy paste the URL into your Web3 wallet's browser, connect wallet and pay.

User unable to change the currency

When setting up a Pay Link, the Merchant will select the currency of their choice. When allowing a user to define their own price (e.g. tipping) the merchant will also select their currency (see screens below). It's locked and can't be changed by the user.
We're working and delivering a real-time FX engine for checkouts soon.
Merchant selects $DUST from the drop-down as the tipping currency
User needs to tip in $DUST currency

Checkout transaction doesn't seem to confirm

You can share a link to a pre-built Checkout page to get paid quickly. The user simply connects their wallet and approves the transaction. The approve transaction & confirmation page looks like this:
Approving & loading transaction πŸ‘€
Transaction approved πŸŽ‰
When Solana is experiencing degraded performance, we flip to the following screen to signal it's taking longer than expected to confirm the transaction.
DO NOT REFRESH or close this page until the transaction confirms. Solana is slow from time to time so chill and make a β˜•οΈ.
If a transaction fails to confirm you will be presented with the following page
TX failed 😭
Please try the following to troubleshoot a failed transaction:
  • Please check you have sufficient balance
  • Please check you hold the relevant currency in your wallet
  • The Solana blockchain might be experiencing degraded performance and the TX fails to complete as a result. Try again.