Create, send, and pay invoices effortlessly
Create an invoice in seconds, send with one click and receive money instantly anywhere in the world with the power of decentralised payments.
Helio enables invoicing with a simple user experience. Create, preview and send via email to your customers - no code or integration required. Utilise the dashboard to manage invoices and filter by status to stay up to date on paid, unpaid, and past due invoices.
Our API & Webhooks also make it easy to automate alerts, collect payments and integrate Helio invoices in to other systems such as Stripe for reconciliation.

Example - create and send an invoice in a few clicks

Create an invoice (step-by-step screens)

  • Make sure to add your company and contact details to Settings -> Merchant Settings
  • Log in to the Helio dashboard. Click Invoices in the main menu (left side), and then click "+CREATE INVOICE"
  • Bill to: search and select a user from your address book or add a new user on the spot
  • Once the recipient of the invoice has been set, you can now go ahead and complete the other fields (Date, Invoice number, Due date, Invoice currency, etc)
  • Add "Invoice description" and tax % (if applicable)
  • On the 'Item' section, list all items (goods/services) that are part of your invoice, with respective quantities and prices.
  • Add an image for each item in your invoice by simply clicking on the icon "+"; as well as a description of each item by clicking on 'Add description'.
  • Click 'ADD' to include the item in your invoice. As you can see, the item is now part of your invoice and the total $ of your invoice is shown on the bottom right corner
  • Add as many items as you need to. Click 'ADD' to include more items on your invoice. The total will update automatically.
  • Click 'SAVE' and that's it - invoice created!
  • Preview via the share button and send via email
  • In the Invoices section, you can review all details of your invoices (amount, due date, status: unpaid/paid)
Complete your company and contact details in Settings --> Merchant Settings
Helio Dashboard - go to Invoices on the main menu (left)
'+ CREATE INVOICE' to start
Bill to - search the recipient of your invoice from your Address Book, or create a new user by clicking 'Add new user' (in this case, will create a new user)
Add customer details. Email is required to send an invoice
Select Date, invoice number, due data, select currency, provide a description and set a tax rate
Add the item(s) to the invoice (i.e. 'Logo Design Services') with quantity (i.e. 1), price (i.e 500 USDC), image, and description. Then click 'ADD'
As items are added (i.e. logo design, new website design), the total amount invoiced is automatically updated (i.e. 5500 USDC). Once all items are done, click 'save', and the invoice is ready!
You can preview the invoice (via share link), share and send it via email. If you have to modify anything, simply click 'Edit'.
Invoice email example