Web3 content paywall

Monetise with a new payment model for media & content creators 🎥
Helio Pay Streams offer an alternative for media & creators to monetise premium content with Web3 payments. Our API & allows customers to create powerful Web3 Paywall experiences. This is a demo of the Helio Paywall experience and how Pay Streams enable on-chain, metered billing for content access.
Paywall demo: metered access to News and Video content
If you're a developer, you can use our API and webhooks to create your own paywall. Please review our docs or contact our team to get started
You can also try our Web3 paywall demo app on Solana devnet yourself. Follow these steps:
  • You need the Phantom wallet plug-in installed for Chrome, Brave or Edge
  • Ensure your Phantom wallet is connected to Devnet. Settings --> Change network --> Devnet
  • Ensure you have some SOL (airdrop from here) and USDC (airdrop from here) in your wallet💦
  • Visit
  • Hit GET ACCESS on any of the following tabs:
    • News🗞: read the Wall Street Journal for $0.10 / minute
    • Video📹:: watch the Solana promo video for $0.10 / minute
    • Podcast🎧: listen to your favourite podcast for a 1-time payment of $1.50
    • Download⬇️: download a pdf for a 1-time payment of $1.50
We hope you like it and please ping us any feedback & suggestions on Twitter 😍