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The Web3 payments API ⚑️

What is Helio?

We're an experienced team of engineers building a complete payments platform for Web3 builders & users, starting with Solana. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Web3 payments and drive the cost of online payments to 0.
  • The average cost of an online payment is $0.10 + ~2.5%. We will reduce this to 0
  • Native Web3 payments tooling is embryonic & fragmented. Projects spend significant resources building their own payment systems
  • 1st-gen crypto pay gateways are weak products with a terrible UX. We need an alternative optimised for Web3 users
Helio solves these problems and offers a solution that’s cheaper (0% fees), faster and delivers a better UX than any other payments platform.
Solutions include πŸ‘‡
  • E-commerce: spin up a merchandise page in seconds using our no-code, Web3 checkouts. Or embed Helio payments in your app using our libraries & plugins
  • Tip Jars: set-up a personal Tip Jar in any Solana currency in seconds to share or embed anywhere
  • Web3 paywalls: gated/metered Web3 experiences (e.g. Discord, content, etc.)
  • Pay Links: enable any payment workflow (e.g. NFT pre-sales, WL. invoicing, x-border, staff payments, etc.)
  • Pay Streams: flexible subscriptions and time-metered billing (sec/min/hour etc), all on-chain!
Helio is currently free and can be used with any Solana wallet such as Phantom, Slope or Solflare. Connect with your wallet at hel.io to set up your first payment.
Our pro version, HelioX will launch in September 2022 and can be access by purchasing a Helions NFT or paying a subscription of 2 SOL / month.

⚑️ We help projects grow sales, communities & token utility ⚑️

Community & links

​Discord: get help and connect with the community πŸ”₯
​Website: launch the app to get started πŸ› 
​Twitter: join our growing community 🧑
​Medium: corporate blog covering product development πŸ“£
​Join us: check out our job board and apply if you love our mission πŸ€›
​LinkedIn: boring Web2 stuff 🚧
E-mail: say [email protected] 🀝
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