Helio FAQ
The Web3 payments API⚡️

What is Helio?

A complete Web3 payments stack. Use our pre-built checkouts or simply embed payments directly into your store, app, content, game or platform. Pay Streams, Pay Links, Paywalls, Subscriptions, Memberships, E-commerce, Invoices, Tips, Premium Discord and more. We help projects, both big and small, grow sales, communities and token utility. 🚀

How do I get started?

1) Simply connect your Web3 wallet at Hel.io to access the Helio dashboard. Create payments, set-up integrations and access reports. Helio is in Beta - please do not transact with large amounts.
2) Join our community: Discord & Twitter
3) If you don't have a Web3 wallet yet, we recommend Phantom
Helio dashboard

What's a Web3 wallet?

A self-custody crypto wallet that runs as a plug-in in your browser or mobile app. Self-custody means you hold the crypto yourself with a public-private key pair rather than in an online account, akin to holding money in your own safe. You can send money directly & easily to anyone 🌎

Which wallets do you support?

We support Phantom, Solflare, Slope and other Solana compatible wallets. DM us if you you'd like us to add a wallet that isn't listed yet in the drop down 🌞

What is Solana?

A fast blockchain that’s capable of Visa-scale volume of 65k transactions per second at an average cost of $0.00025. If you're new to Solana please check out our quick start page here 🔥

How do I create a payment?

Connect your wallet to the Helio dashboard and hit Create Payment. Follow the simple steps. You can integrate Helio Elements (e.g. Pay button, Stream stop button, etc.) into your website via a code snippet or simply share a link to a pre-built Checkout page 🔗

What are Pay Streams?

Recurring payments on steroids that charge & settle money by the sec/min/hour etc. Streams enable ultra-flexible subscriptions and metered access to anything. You can set the currency, time interval, rate and Max time, which is the maximum amount that could be charged. End users can stop the Pay Stream at any time (in dash and in-app) and are charged for actual time used ⏰

What are Pay Links?

One-time payments. Think invoices and e-commerce. You can set the price or allow users to set their own price, ideal for tips. For pre-built Checkout pages you can also lock text to gate access to a code, link, keys, community invites, etc. 🤑

What use cases do you support?

Selection of some popular use cases for Web3 payments by type & method of payment:

What are split payments?

Split revenue at source from incoming payments with multiple wallets (coming soon) 💥

Is Helio supported on mobile devices

Helio is fully supported by mobile wallets on iOS and Android. Open the wallet's browser and navigate to hel.io or open a Helio checkout link to pay. Here's an example of the experience:

How do payments settle?

Pay Links and completed Pay Streams settle directly & instantly to your connected wallet. For live, ongoing Pay Streams, you can withdraw the settled amount (i.e. the time has passed so far) to your wallet in real-time from the Helio dashboard --> Transactions 🎉

What cryptocurrencies do you support?

$SOL, $USDC, $DUST and any Solana-native currency (SPL token). If your token isn't listed in the drop-down please DM us and we'll add it 💬
Please find more detailed info on our supported currencies here:
Helio currency support

How much does Helio cost?

Helio is free to use right now and will be for the duration of the beta period. We plan to introduce small fees in the future as well as offer premium functionality with a flexible subscription 🎏

How do I integrate the Helio API?

Please continue to the Developers documentation - COMING SOON
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