Discord bot

Assign Discord roles with Helio payments
You can use the Helio Discord bot to assign specific roles to your Discord members with Helio payments (i.e. receive payment --> assign role).
The Discord bot requires an active HelioX subscription

Turning on Developer Mode

Before proceeding, please turn on developer mode for Discord. This will allow you to see the server, role and user IDs required to setup the Discord bot:
  1. 1.
    Open up the Discord app
  2. 2.
    Click on the settings cog in the bottom left corner
  3. 3.
    Go to Appearance -> all the way at the bottom
  4. 4.
    Toggle "Developer Mode" on
  5. 5.
    Exit user settings

Channel & role setup

Helio settings
Log in to the Helio dashboard, select "Settings" --> "Discord".
Discord section in Settings
Hit "Authenticate" to allow the Helio bot to be installed via Discord. This authentication will use your Discord administrator credentials in your default browser to approve the installation of the bot for the required server as follows:
Select the server
Authorise the bot
Complete the captcha
Head back to the and you will notice the Discord section has changed to allow you to enter the two IDs. Enter the Server ID and the Role ID and hit "Save Settings".
Enter the Server ID and the Role ID and click SAVE SETTINGS
Great! That's everything configured on the Helio side to get everything linked. Now let's head back to the Discord server and finish off the last remaining tasks.
If you want to set up multiple roles and subscriptions in a single Discord server you can do so by logging in to Helio from a different Web3 wallet and going through the same set up process

Finalise Discord setup

Return to "Server Settings" then "Roles" and you should now see the "Helio" role appear:
Check to see if "Helio" is on the roles
Select "Helio" to see the following. This is the bot role and should NOT be changed. Note that you can remove the bot in "Server Settings" --> "Integrations" if required.
Helio Bot Information
You MUST move the Helio bot above the roles that you want tto assign due to Discord's role hierarchy logic. Drag the Helio role up above the "Helio Access" group as follows
Move Helio above the role you require the bot to change
Ok, we're ready to create a Helio Pay Link to charge and gate access for your premium role.
Log-in to the Helio dashboard and hit CREATE PAYMENT. Choose a Pay Link to enable access to your premium channel with a 1-time payment, or Pay Stream to enable access based on a recurring payment, e.g. a monthly subscription payment. Configure your Payment details, Pricing options and select the Discord setting in Advanced options as follows:
Enable customer details, tick Discord username, tick Assign Discord role
This associates the Discord configuration settings with this payment. Hit CREATE and that's it. All done!
Users need to be existing members in your Discord server for the Helio bot to assign roles. Therefore, it's best practice to only share the Pay Link in your Discord server
Once the payment is completed, the relevant role ID will be assigned. In our case they will be added to the "Helio Access" role where the premium content is located.
Test with a pay link to see it working!
If we check back in Discord, we notice my user has been assigned the "Helio Access" role instantly.
The Helio Discord bot will auto-remove the role at the end of the subscription period
When a user cancels their Pay Stream, the role will remain valid until the END of their subscription period (vs removing the role instantly). For example, if a user purchases a subscription for 1 month and cancels after 1 week, she continues to have access for another 3 weeks! (see video 1) ⚡️

If you run into any problems please jump into our Discord server to create a support ticket.