Launch a Pre-Sales campaign in minutes

Helio is the leading, self-serve, Pre-Sales platform used by 1,000s of creators to pre-sell NFT & tokens to investors and community members using simple & fully customisable Pay Links.

Use Discord gating, wallet allowlists, countdowns, raffles or first-come-first serve to optimise your sales event. We've helped 1,000s of projects sell in excess of $100M.

You can also run your sales on Magic Eden NFT Pre-sales, powered by Helio. The service is fully self-serve, offers the exact same functionality as Helio and is fully branded as Magic Eden, helping you reach more buyers with the most recognisable brand in the NFT industry.

Quick start

  1. Log in to the Helio dashboard and complete verification

  2. Settings -> Manage wallets to manage pay-outs and link additional wallets for team access.

    1. Settings -> Integrations to configure the Discord bot to assign Pre-Sales roles in your server

  3. Dashboard -> Create payment to set up your Pay Link to start selling. Edit, duplicate & disable Pay Links from the Pay Links view

  4. Transactions -> CSV export to get ready for the airdrops. Set up a Google sheet with real time transaction access for your team members


Pre-Sales support service

Our team of product specialists are available to provide white-glove service & marketing support. This is subject to a pre-sales allocation for the Helio community.

  • Retweet of pre-sales announcement & AMA invitation

  • Personal welcome call, including a demo and guidance on pre-sales strategy

  • Around the clock support throughout the pre-sales period as well as post mint

  • Introductions to specific DAOs and collaborations

  • Collaboration with Sniper to publish your pre sales link to the Sniper community

  • Collaboration with AssetDash to publish your pre sales link to the AssetDash community

  • Collaboration with Magic Eden. Run your pre-sale on ME branded pages, the most trusted brand in NFTs and a direct referral to Magic Eden Launchpad

Token Pre-Sales

We recommend you use the "Name your own price" option for token Pre-Sales and embed the Checkout widget to pre-sell the tokens from your own website. Here's a quick demo:

Getting ready for mint/airdrop day

Transaction details including wallet addresses, Discord ID, etc. are automatically registered by Helio and can be downloaded to CSV from the Helio dashboard or automated into a Google Sheet.

You can share this sheet directly with your launchpad/ developer for the automated airdrop or free mint claim.

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