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Set up recurring payments in a few simple clicks
First-generation crypto payment solutions don't support recurring payments. We solved that! With Helio, creators easily set up a subscription page in USDC or 100s of other tokens for Discord community memberships, SaaS subscriptions, content access and more with just a few clicks.
We also offer powerful APIs & developer tools to help projects build subscription payments into their apps and paywalls.

Demo video

Set up your subscription page in a few simple clicks
Any pre-approved amount of the Subscription is held in a Helio smart contract account. At the start of each period, the relevant amount settles automatically to the merchant's wallet.
End users can easily manage, cancel & extend subscriptions in the Helio dashboard.

Other useful tips

  • You can also charge by the minute, hour or week, as an alternative to monthly subscriptions, great for offering access to video or other digital content
  • Set the default duration of your subscription period at a reasonable length to ensure users aren't required to pre-approve a large amount. Users can reduce the default duration on the checkout page
  • Users can easily manage, stop and "top up" their subscription via the Helio dashboard. They also receive email reminders to top up before the end of their subscription period
  • Gate your subscription to an NFT, Access code or exclusive Discord community. Learn more