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Quick start guide

Set up your merchant account in a few minutes
  • Log-in to the Helio dashboard with your crypto wallet, or email address and we'll create a Helio Wallet for you
  • Complete a few settings:
    • Account settings: verify your account and complete Merchant settings
    • Manage wallets: Manage and add linked wallets (for logins & payouts) as well as external wallets such as multi-sigs & ledgers (payouts only)
    • Integrations & API: set up your Discord integration or access your API keys

For developers

It's easy to embed the Helio Checkout Widget to accept crypto payments in any app or website:

For creators

No-code integrations

We've made it simple to integrate Helio in to various e-commerce and digital platforms.
  • Helio operates and maintains the Solana Pay plug-in for Shopify. Get started here:
  • Use the Helio Discord bot to include & assign roles/memberships to your exclusive community with each Helio sale
  • Automate your on-chain transactions and customer data in a Google Sheet
Helio powers USDC payment for Solana Breakpoint 2023 alongside Stripe for credit card payments
  • Select the Create payment button to create a Pay Link from scratch or choose one of the easy pre-defined templates optimised for specific payment workflows
Create a Pay Link from scratch or select a predefined payment template
  • Step 1: Create a product - use the power of the markdown text editor to optimise the look & feel of your Pay Link
  • Step 2: Set your price and choose your blockchains & currencies
  • Step 3: Choose your advanced options such as discounts, gated access, split payments and affiliate links
Choose your advanced options
Manage your Payments from the dashboard or select Pay Links / Invoices from the left hand nav. You can edit, duplicate, disable (and re-enable) and share payments.
Manager your payments in one place


Track all incoming sales (as well as outgoing tx when paying via Helio) on the dashboard and a drill-down view by selecting Transactions from the left hand navigation. Each transaction has an associated receipt including all relevant customer details.
Data can be exported easily via CSV (hit Download report in top right), automated into a Google Sheet or accessed and integrated via our API. We offer "Webhooks" to developers to listen and build workflows around real-time events. You can also trigger refunds from the transaction detail.
Transaction and customer details in the Helio dashboard