Quick start guide

Get started with Web3 payments in a few minutes
This guide walks you through the Helio onboarding process. Once set up, you can start accepting Web3 payments across all Helio use cases including Pay Links, E-Commerce, Subscriptions, Paywalls and more.
Watch the demo video or follow the step-by-step guide below.
Helio demo

Logging in to the Helio Dashboard

Helio is Web3-native. This means you don't need to create a username and password but simply log-in to the Helio dashboard with your Solana wallet & approving the sign in message as follows:
Hit connect wallet button on the top right
Select your wallet
Log in to Helio with your Web3 wallet

The Dashboard

The single-pane of glass to see all of your Web3 payments including sales, incoming & outgoing transactions, edit or set up new payments and customise your Helio experience.
You can disconnect or change wallet at any time from the top right. Once logged in head straight over to Settings on the left hand nav.
Helio dashboard


Customise your Helio experience by completing the Account settings as follows. This is optional but at a minimum we recommend e-mail address.
Account settings
Your email address is used to send payment notifications and your other details can be tagged to the customer section of your transaction receipts when making payments via Helio yourself.
This is an example of a payment notification:
Payment email notification
Customise your checkout experience by completing the fields in Merchant settings below:
Merchant settings
Company name, logo and website are displayed on your checkout pages and other details are tagged to the Merchant section of your transaction receipts when selling via Helio. You're now ready to set up your first payment.

Create payments

Select the Create payment button and follow the steps.
Create payment page, follow the simple steps to add your product and pricing details
Generate a "no-code" checkout link
In addition to Helio checkout links, you can embed Helio payments directly into your own websites, apps and content. Head over to our developer documentation to learn more.


You can track all your incoming sales (as well as outgoing transactions when paying via Helio) on the dashboard as well as a drill-down view by selecting Transactions from the left hand nav.
Each transaction has an associated receipt including all relevant customer details. Transaction details can also be exported via CSV or API.
Toggle between incoming and outgoing transactions. Download reports via CSV or automat via API​
Transaction receipts including on-chain tx details and off-chain customer details

Managing Payments

Manage your Payments from the dashboard or select Pay Links / Pay Streams / Invoices from the left hand nav. You can edit, disable (and re-enable) and share payments.
Manage your payments in a single place
Disable payment and re-enable at any time

Address book

The address book helps you manage customer records, track sales by customer and manage recipients for outgoing payments.
Add customer details to your address book with a single click

You're ready to start selling with Web3 payments and please continue to explore further documentation for your specific use cases or jump into our Discord for support.