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Pricing & fees

Explore Helio's pricing options & fees


Helio is a self-serve platform, it's free to get started and we charge a fee per transaction.
Transaction fee
Swaps (optional)
*You can send an invoice for free (0% fees) with Helio. The Solana Pay plugin for Shopify is also 0% fee for a promotional period until the end of Q1-2024
Our standard Terms of Use apply. Subscribe to HelioX by holding 2x HelioX Pass NFTs in any of your LINKED wallets to benefit from the lowest fees. We offer custom pricing for high volume merchants, as well as airdrops and escrow functionality for additional fees.

Pricing options

  • Choose single or recurring payment
  • Set your price (in a digital or fiat currency)
  • Enable blockchains and choose the digital currencies you'd like to receive as payment
  • Use "Swaps" to receive your preferred currency, while buyers purchase with any token
  • Allow users to name their own price (e.g. donations, deposits, etc)
  • Choose your recipient wallet for each blockchain. Payouts are 100% decentralised, meaning Helio never holds custody and funds flow in real-time from the buyer to your wallet
  • Enable the Solana blockchain to include debit/credit card payments on checkouts via Helio Wallet. The merchant always receive digital currency
  • The buyer chooses their network and currency at checkout. Prices are are automatically converted

HelioX Pass

HelioX is the pro version of Helio with the lowest fees and best features. Subscribe by holding 2x HelioX Pass NFTs in any of your linked (but not external) wallets. Purchase your NFTs here.
Your subscription to the lowest fees on Helio

HelioX Pass benefits

  • Lower fees -> benefit from half the fees on all transactions
  • Credit rewards -> our version of loyalty rewards. Simply hold the HelioX Pass in your wallet for the entire quarter to benefit from rewards
  • Enterprise support -> 24/7 support in Discord, dedicated Telegram and Slack channel (on request) for developer support and unlimited API calls without rate limiting
  • Multi-chain subscription -> The HelioX subscription applies across connected wallets and supported chains
You can check your live subscription status in the Helio dashboard.
You need to log out of the Dashboard, and log back in after you've purchased your NFT(s) for the subscription to kick in