⚑Video paywall (Helio Play)

Monetise access to your video or other digital content

Log in to the Helio dashboard to upload your video content and generate a Pay Link in a few simple steps to share with your fans.

Creators can lock a video behind a single payment or choose to charge per time interval, for example per minute. Fans simply connect their wallet and approve the payment to start watching.

Demo video

Helio also integrates natively with YouTube and Twitch (both playback and live streams). Simply paste the link in the "locked video" field. The YouTube/Twitch video starts playing on the Helio checkout page upon successful payment.

Other useful tips

  • Fans can access & manage purchased content from the Helio dashboard

  • Gate your video content to an NFT, Access code or Discord community. Learn more

  • Assign exclusive access to a Discord membership with our Discord bot

  • Set the price of a video at (near) zero and creators can still collect wallet addresses & other information

Integrated Web3 paywall - demo

If you're a developer, use our API and webhooks to create powerful Web3 Paywall experiences. Please review our docs or contact our team to get started

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