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Gated payments

Require user authentication for your payment
It's easy to "gate" access to your payments based on Discord roles, Wallet allowlist, NFT-gating, or an access code. This is especially useful for exclusive or VIP sales such as NFT pre-sales or e-commerce targeted to a specific community.

Discord role gating

Restrict your sale to a specific Discord role. Enable "Access Control", select "Discord role" and enter the relevant Server and Role ID(s). You can define up to 10 roles per Pay Link. You can also set a minimum & maximum quantity available for purchase by unique Discord ID.
Customers are required to sign in with their Discord credentials and prove role membership in order to purchase - see demo video of the user experience here.
In case you share the pre-sales link in your own Discord server, you can also assign a Discord role upon successful payment using the Helio bot​

Wallet allowlist

Select the Wallet allowlist option and simply upload a CSV file with two columns with the following header - one for "publicKey" (the public wallet address) and "maxAllowedQuantity" for the max quantity that can be purchased for that wallet. The max can be a different value per wallet.
Note the following:
  • Duplicate entries will be ignored - only the first entry for a duplicate will be utilised
  • Do not leave trailing or empty or malformed rows in the CSV. This will break the validation check and will fail to upload. Check the CSV is good in a text editor prior to uploading
  • Do not lowercase or uppercase the wallet addresses as this will not work. See the example below where a wallet will usually have a mix of letters, numbers and different cases
  • You can also dynamically update the allowlist via API. See instructions here​
Wallets on the allowlist can unlock and proceed to purchase up to their maximum allowance. See video demo here. All other wallets will not be able to access to the payment.
Allowlist only access

NFT gated access

Token-gating is a powerful new technology to enable e-commerce discounts, target high value communities and offer exclusive access. Select Access Control -> NFT and enter the NFT token address.
How to find the token address?
Go to the relevant block explorer such as Solscan, Polyscan, etc. to search for the relevant NFT collection. Copy the Token Address (at the top right) for Solana NFTs or Contract Address for Ethereum/Polygon as shown in the examples below and paste it into the token address field in the Helio dashboard.
Solscan example: copy the token address of the Solana NFT
The user is now required to prove ownership of an Okay Bear NFT to proceed to payment. See a short video of the end user experience:

Access code

A simple, friendly way to share an exclusive payment with your community, keep the unwanted at bay and create fomo. Share your Pay Link anywhere but guess what? You'll need the code to get access.