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Sell access to your TradingView indicators
Are you a trader who created a custom indicator in TradingView? 📊 Turning your expertise into income is now as easy as a couple of clicks!
TradingView has no public API and instead Helio relies on cookies to add customers to your indicator automatically. Cookies are limited and in case something can't be managed, for example if your cookie expires or you add/remove indicators, simply log in to the dashboard to update your settings.

Save your TradingView cookies

First, grab your cookie from your TradingView account. Right click anywhere on the page -> "Inspect" -> "Application" on the top menu, select the subcategory "Cookies". Save both the "sessionid" and "sessionid_sign".

Assign the Indicators you want to sell

Log in to Helio to create your payment and configure TradingView settings in Step 3 Advanced options in a few simple steps. Save the "sessionid" and "sessionid_sign" values in the Helio UI to load your indicators. Select the indicator(s) you'd like to sell. See end to end demo of the set up here.
Create payment -> Step 3 -> TradingView -> paste your cookie values to load the indicators you want to assign
If the buyer enters their TradingView user name at checkout, we'll automatically assign the indicator(s) to their account. Alternatively, if the buyer doesn't have a TV account yet they can set one up and claim access later.
Purchase Indicator: the buyer inputs their username to receive the invite-only indicator

Claiming access

Buyers can claim access to their indicator after purchase by visiting www.hel.io/claims and entering their TV user name. Buyers also receive up to three emails to remind them to claim.
Claim access to your indicator with a few simple steps

Manage your TradingView settings

If you ever add/remove indicators, Helio is unable to assign these automatically to existing customers. However, you can edit your "Pay Link" and reload indicators to select the correct ones you'd like to sell to new customers.
If your cookie ever expires or becomes invalid (typically after logout or 1 month), you need to log back into TradingView to get a new one and update your cookie settings in Account Settings -> Integrations.
Update cookie settings to ensure indicators can be assigned to customers