Helio SDK

Integrate Helio payments into your app with our SDK
The Helio SDK is a packaged module that makes integrating Helio and our checkout components into your app, website or store quick and easy.
It wraps and enhances the Helio API into a single NPM package that's easy to install and upgrade.
The SDK is written in Typescript
The SDK does not currently support API keys. Later versions of the SDK will support this
We offer SDK endpoints on both dev and mainnet. Refer to the SDK README for further information.
The SDK is currently in ALPHA and will be updated to STABLE in the coming weeks


Download the Helio SDK here:
npm: @heliofi/sdk
Helio SDK NPM Module
Once downloaded install as follows:
yarn add @heliofi/sdk
After installing the SDK please import this into your project:
import { Helio } from "@heliofi/sdk";
Please ensure all dependencies are updated prior to install to ensure a seamless integration


For full details on setup and configuration get started with the Helio SDK here:

Example Helio SDK Commands

import { HelioSDK, ClusterType } from '@heliofi/sdk';
import { Cluster } from '@solana/web3.js';
const cluster = ClusterType.Devnet;
//create object HelioSDK
const helioSDK = new HelioSDK({ cluster });
//get curriences
const currencies = helioSDK.currencyService.getCurrencies();
//get helio asset url
const url = helioSDK.configService.getAssetUrl();
//get mint addresses list
const mintAddresses = await helioSDK.apiService.getTokenSwapMintAddresses('mint address');
//get transaction url
const transactionUrl = helioSDK.solExplorerService.getSolanaExplorerTransactionURL('transaction');
//convert to minimal amount
const amount = helioSDK.tokenConversionService.convertToMinimalUnits('symbol', 100);
//handle transaction
await helioSDK.paylinkService.handleTransaction({...});pes