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    Download a Solana compatible Web3 wallet
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    Transfer assets to & from your wallet
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    Transfer SOL with SPL-tokens

1. Web3 wallets for Solana

Visit the links below for more information and pick your favourite one. (caution: Never share your private key and recovery seed phrase with anyone!)
You can fund your wallet directly with a credit/debit card (also known as onramp) or open a crypto account on an exchange. This is beneficial as it also allows you to transfer assets BACK from your wallet.

2. Transfer assets to and from your wallet

ICreate a crypto account with a Centralised Exchange like Coinbase or Binance (see links below). Exchanges are required to verify your identity and collect KYC details (e.g. passport & address proof). Once verified, you can link your bank account or credit card to fund your account.
  • Purchase SOL or USDC (make sure to buy the SPL-token version of USDC)
  • Transfer SOL/USDC to your Web3 wallet. Simply copy-paste the blockchain address from your wallet (it looks like this: 8FbszA4gEjdxpYs9QyjeKWf4LHipgFf7i34KCGJWkvW4) and hit send. 😬 It's kind of scary the first time you do this especially as it might take a few minutes for your funds to arrive, but remember billions of transactions are made this way
  • Once you start earning with Helio and would like to convert SOL or USDC earning back to fiat, simply transfer assets from your wallet back to the Centralised Exchange and convert to your connected bank account from there. Helio also plans to offer direct USDC transfers from your wallet to your bank account (coming soon)
Coinbase - Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust
A consumer-friendly exchange, especially popular in the US & Europe

3. Transfer SPL-tokens to SOL or USDC

Solana tokens are also known as SPL tokens. Examples of SPL tokens include USDC and DUST. You can use any SPL token for payments on Helio.
If you want to swap these tokens to SOL or USDC prior to converting them to your bank account, you can do that within the wallet itself or on a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) such as Jupiter. Helio will also offer direct swaps within the Dashboard (coming soon)