Welcome to Helio

The Web3 payments platform ⚡️
We make it simple for merchants & Internet entrepreneurs to sell NFTs, Discord memberships, subscriptions, e-commerce, video content or any digital product with decentralised payments.
⚡️Accept one-click, DeFi payments in #USDC and 100s of digital assets
⚡️Reach new customers who love paying with their Phantom, MetaMask or other wallets
⚡️Instant payouts & low fees
⚡️Eliminate expensive chargebacks
⚡️Integrate with YouTube, Discord, WooCommerce, Shopify, TradingView, Magic Eden and other digital platforms to make it easy to sell
⚡️No crypto experience needed - create a Helio Wallet (self-custody) in two clicks
Helio powers payments for +3,000 sellers and +75,000 unique active wallets. We support the major blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana & Polygon.
Simply log in to our Dashboard with your crypto wallet to set up your first payment or get started with our quick start guide.
HelioX is the pro version of Helio with half the fees. You can subscribe by purchasing 2x Helions NFTs, or paying a monthly fee.
Website: learn more about Helio solutions ⚡️
App: launch the app to get started with Web3 payments🛠
Discord: get help and connect with our community 🔥
Twitter: join our growing community 🧡
Medium: blog covering product development 📣
Join us: check out our job board and apply if you love our mission 🤛
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E-mail: say [email protected] 🤝
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