Welcome to Helio

The Web3 payments API ⚡️
Helio is a complete Web3 payments platform, starting with Solana. We make it easy for merchants, creators & projects to accept and embed single-step, crypto payments in their app or workflow.

Our mission:

Accelerate the adoption of Web3 payments & drive the cost of online payments towards zero

Why is this important?
  • In the US alone, merchants hand over $138B in tx fees each year
  • Web3 projects waste tons of time building their own payment tools
  • 1st-gen crypto pay gateways are weak products. We need an alternative optimised for Web3
Helio offers a solution that’s cheaper (as low as 0%), faster & delivers a better UX than any other payments platform.
Solutions include 👇
  • E-commerce: add single-step crypto payments to your store increasing conversion by 3x. Create a Helio checkout page with a few clicks or embed payments directly into your store
  • Pay Links: enable any payment workflow (e.g. NFT sales, donations, Discord payments, invoicing, x-border payments, etc.)
  • Pay Streams: flexible subscription payments and time-metered billing workflows such a media consumption or utilities
  • Web3 payments API: automate transaction data, create paywalls & build custom apps powered by Helio payments
We offer powerful developer tools including an API, plug-ins, libraries and Webhooks to embed Helio pay components in your website or app. However, you don't need to be a developer to get started with Helio. Simply log in to our Dashboard with your Solana wallet to set up your first payment using our "no-code" checkout pages.
HelioX is the pro version of Helio. You can subscribe by purchasing a Helions NFT or paying a monthly fee.
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Helio presentation including the roadmap:
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