Welcome to Helio

The Web3 payments platform ⚡️
Helio is a complete Web3 payments platform. With Helio, merchants & creators have a secure and convenient way to accept crypto payments AND:
  • Receive payments directly from customers with no middlemen and low fees
  • Free up critical developer resources to focus on their core business. Integrate in minutes
  • Allow customers to pay quickly and easily with just one tap of their Phantom, MetaMask or other wallet - no logins
Helio is faster & delivers a better UX than any other payments platform in crypto.
Solutions include 👇
  • E-commerce: add 1-click, crypto payments to your store today to reach a fast growing audience of crypto users worldwide. Increase sales by 2x
  • Pay Links: create "no-code" checkout pages with ease and enable a broad range of payment workflows (e.g. NFT sales, donations, Discord payments, invoicing, x-border payments, etc.)
  • Pay Streams: enable flexible subscriptions for SaaS and paywalls for digital content
  • Pro-code: we offer powerful developer tools including APIs, libraries and Webhooks to integrate Helio checkouts in your website, app or workflow.
Head over to our quick start guide and log in to our Dashboard with your crypto wallet to set up your first payment.
HelioX is the pro version of Helio. You can subscribe by purchasing a Helions NFT or paying a monthly fee.
Helio offers safety tools & merchant verification to help you make & accept Web3 payments with peace of mind.
Before purchasing on Helio Pay Links, always check that the merchant can be trusted with our easy to use safety features including:
  • Wallet transparency
  • Twitter confirmation badge
  • Report suspicious links
  • Slugs (aka unique URLs) such as
  • Authentication options such as Discord SSO, NFT gating or passwords

Website: learn more about Helio solutions ⚡️
App: launch the app to get started with Web3 payments🛠
Discord: get help and connect with our community 🔥
Twitter: join our growing community 🧡
Medium: blog covering product development 📣
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Introducing Helio:
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