Some useful resources for troubleshooting 📗

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This is a list of common help topics:

I made a transaction, the money left my wallet but didn't receive a Helio confirmation

You might have closed the browser before the transaction was confirmed by Helio.
In rare circumstances (< 0.01% of transactions) the blockchain times out and the Helio system is unable to confirm the transaction.
Please open a ticket in Discord and the tx can be manually reflected in your Helio dashboard.

I'm logging into Helio but I'm stuck on the connection screen

Your PC/Mac clock might be out of sync which prevents you from logging into apps that use a unix timestamp including Helio. Update your clock.

The dashboard is unresponsive

Your auth session might have expired.
The Helio auth session is 30 mins and you'll be prompted to reconnect your wallet.
Your wallet will have its own auth length. In Phantom this is called Auto-Lock timer and the default is 15 minutes. Simply re-enter the password to continue the session.

I can't connect my wallet on mobile

When opening a Helio Pay Link on a mobile device, it might open up in your Safari or Chrome browser by default. Simply hit the Phantom icon to open the Pay Link within the Phantom wallet via deep link.
If you use a different wallet to Phantom, you can also simply copy paste the URL into your Web3 wallet's browser, connect and pay.

How do I brand my checkout pages?

Connect to the Helio Dashboard --> Settings --> Merchant settings
You can upload an image, name of your project and URL. Save and all your checkout pages will reflect the details.

I'm unable to edit the currency of my payment

When setting up a Pay Link, the Merchant will select the currency of their choice. When allowing a user to define their own price (e.g. tipping) the merchant will also select their currency. In both instances the currency is locked and can't be changed by the user (see screens below).
Merchant selects $USDC from the drop-down as the currency

My transaction didn't confirm

The approve transaction & confirmation page looks like this. On average Helio confirms Pay Links within 5-15 seconds and Pay Stream within 15-25 seconds.
Approve transaction screen 👀
Transaction approved 🎉
When Solana is experiencing degraded performance, the transaction might switch to the following screen to signal it's taking longer than expected to confirm the transaction.
Transaction is taking longer than usual to confirm
If a transaction fails to confirm, the user is presented with the following page:
Tx failed
Please try the following to troubleshoot a failed transaction:
  • Please check you have sufficient balance
  • Please check you hold the relevant currency in your wallet
  • The Solana blockchain might be experiencing degraded performance and the TX fails to complete as a result. Try again