Add Web3 payments to your online store

For developers

It's easy to integrate Helio in to your web store to accept Web3 payment alongside traditional credit card payments. We offer a react button and other UX components to plug the Helio Pay button into your existing shopping baskets.


We've made it simple to integrate Helio in to various e-commerce platforms. Helio is one of five approved crypto payments plug-ins on WooCommerce. Get started in a few simple steps.
We also offer a custom integration for Shopify. Please contact us in Discord to get started. See a Shopify store example powered by Helio payments:
Powering payments for a merchandise store
We offer various other custom e-commerce integrations including TradingView, Discord and Bizzabo for ticket sales. See an example here:
Helio powers USDC payment for Solana Breakpoint 2023 alongside Stripe for credit card payments

For creators

Anyone can log-in to the Helio dashboard to spin up an e-commerce Pay Link in a few clicks as follows:
Select Create Payment, add your product details
Pricing options: select your preferred currency and blockchain networks
Advanced options including DIscounts and Customer information
Customise your URL
Share anywhere to start selling
Transaction and customer details in the Helio dashboard. Money instantly in your wallet. Time to ship 💥
Use our API to automate transaction data and integrate into a Google sheet, existing e-commerce & shipping workflows.