Helio Play (open beta)

Reinventing creator content with the power of Web3
Whether you're an advertiser, podcaster, influencer, media, YouTuber, artist, NFT project or platform, Helio Plays allows you to monetise content in a new way, or reach a new audience with watch-to-earn models.
Simply upload your content, link to a YouTube video (playback and live streams) or Twitch live stream via the Helio dashboard to gate access with a crypto micro-payment, NFT and more.
Fans benefit from increased privacy as they unlock content instantly with their crypto wallet allowing them to pay quickly for content or receive rewards without providing personal information or going through a tedious sign up process. Fans can also access & manage their purchased content from the Helio dashboard.

How to get started with Helio Play?

Helio Play is a beta version aimed directly at creators. We also offer rich developer solutions aimed at platforms to build embedded Web3 content paywalls.

Step by step set-up:

  • Log-in to the Helio dashboard with your wallet (Solana/Ethereum)
  • Customise the look and feel of your checkout pages in "Settings"
  • Hit "CREATE PAYMENT" -> Pay Link/Stream -> Activate Helio Play to upload your file, or link to a YouTube/Twitch video or live stream
Name your video, provide an optional description and hit activate Helio Play to upload your content
Helio Play is supported on Pay Links, which are 1-time payments (i.e. a single amount) and Pay Streams, which are recurring payments (i.e. charge amount per minute/hour/day. etc). We recommend using Pay Streams for paywalling & subscription use cases and Pay Links for marketing use cases (e.g. unlock to earn airdrop, etc.) Pay Streams are supported on Solana only while Pay Links are supported on Polygon/Ethereum and Solana.
  • Select a currency and (micro) amount for fans to unlock your content
Select currency & amount
For Pay Streams, set a time interval and rate (e.g. $0.1 USDC / minute). Money "settles" at the start of each interval. For example, if your stream is $0.1 / minute and a viewer watches for 32 seconds, you'll receive $0.1 to your wallet. If she watches past the 1 minute mark, you'll receive $0.2, etc.
  • Tailer to your audience, set up notifications or gate access with an NFT/Discord role
Tailer to your audience
  • Share your link on Twitter or anywhere else to engage your audience using web3 🚀
Share your Helio Play content anywhere
Users see a 10 sec preview before unlocking content with their crypto wallets
  • Users can stop paying at any time or top up to extend access
  • Helio Play is also mobile friendly (you need a mobile crypto wallet such as Phantom)
  • Fans can access & manage purchased content from the Helio dashboard
Fans can log in-to the Helio dashboard to launch any live stream and continue watching