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Helio Wallet

Onboard web2 users with ease
Helio Wallet is a self-custody Solana wallet created seamlessly upon login with email. Self-custody means that only you have access to the account and Helio never holds funds on your behalf.

Accept card payments

Helio Wallet enables you to accept accept credit and debit cards as well as various bank payments. No crypto or existing wallet required for your customer. A simple "on-ramp" flow on the checkout widget allows the user to fund Helio Wallet and pay with a card while the merchant receives the USDC / USDT or other digital assets instantly. The transaction between buyer and merchant remains 100% DeFi.
Pay with a card on a Helio checkout

Helio Wallet for merchants

Helio Wallet simplifies onboarding for merchants who don’t already have experience with a crypto wallet allowing anyone to log in with their email or social account, launch a product in minutes and receive decentralised payments instantly. The wallet is secured by your email address or social login, negating the need for users without prior blockchain experience to store a seedphrase or install additional plugins. Merchants can also use Helio Wallet to send and receive funds, and also deposit and withdraw to your bank account.
Helio Wallet is powered by Web3auth to ensure top-tier security, guaranteeing that only you can access your funds. Meanwhile, every payment workflow remains 100% DeFi, preserving your financial sovereignty.
You can also use Helio Wallet for account login only and simply link your own Web3 wallet(s) to receive payouts.

Withdraw funds to bank account

You can send digital assets held in your Helio Wallet to any external Solana address or withdraw funds directly to your bank account via our fintech partners such as Transak. Follow the simple steps in the dashboard as follows: