HelioX Pass

Subscribe to our pro-version to unlock the lowest fees
HelioX is the pro version of Helio. Subscribe by holding 2x Helions NFTs in your connected wallet or pay a monthly fee of $100 via a Helio subscription. Benefits include:
  • Lower fees -> benefit from half the fees on all transactions
  • Credit rewards -> our version of loyalty rewards. Simply hold a Helions NFT in your wallet for the entire quarter to receive your rewards
  • Enterprise support -> 24/7 support in Discord, dedicated Slack channel (on request) for developer support and unlimited API calls without rate limiting
HelioX is currently live for Solana. Support for Ethereum, Polygon & Bitcoin is coming coming soon when Helions upgrade to HelioX pass.
You can check your live subscription status in the Helio dashboard. If you have multiple wallets connected, hold the Helions in your wallet that receives the funds to benefit from the lower fees.
HelioX subscription active
You need to log out of the Dashboard, and log back in after you've purchased your NFT(s) for the subscription to kick in