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NFT pre-sales

Sell NFTs with powerful payment tooling
We make it easy for creators to pre-sell their NFT to investors and community members using Pay Links, a simple and slick checkout experience that can be spun up in a few clicks, customisable with powerful features such as allowlisting, affiliate links, discord gating, discounts, launchpad integrations and more.
The platform is fully self-serve and +500 projects have used Helio to pre-sell their NFT drops in excess of $25M.
Spin up your pre-sales campaign in a few simple clicks

Key features

  • Pre-sell your NFT in BTC, SOL, MATIC, ETH, USDC, or any SPL/ERC-20 token. Fix the price in a fiat currency and enable swaps to support 100s of tokens
  • Capture user details seamlessly including Discord, Twitter, Wallet, etc. Simple csv export & API integrations with launchpads for automated airdrops/mint claim
  • Enable Affiliate links to reward influencers and supporters for helping you close sales
  • NFT-gating, Wallet Allowlisting, or Discord gating to target specific projects. Use a Countdown to evoke FOMO and configure a max allocation per user & project. Update the allowlist dynamically via API. See instructions here
  • Assign Discord roles with the Helio Discord bot and include a video with Helio Play
  • Enable discounts via codes or an NFT, process refunds with a single click from the dashboard
  • Pre-sell an Ordinals NFT in BTC OR in ETH/SOL auto-capture BTC address for mint claim
  • Manage payout wallets including ledgers and split incoming payments to a multi-sig wallet
  • Merchant verification and an optional Helio escrow service to build community trust
  • Duplicate, copy, disable and manage as many pre-sales links as you want to tailor to specific investors/DAOs
  • Helio Pre-Sales is also available as a branded solution via Magic Eden's Creator Hub.
Customise your pre-sales link with advanced options

Pre-sales support service

Our team of product specialists are available to provide white-glove service & marketing support including:
  • Retweet of pre-sales announcement & AMA invitation
  • Personal welcome call, including a demo and guidance on pre-sales strategy
  • Around the clock support throughout the pre-sales period as well as post mint
  • Introductions to specific DAOs and collaborations
  • Collaboration with AssetDash to publish your pre sales link to the AssetDash community
  • Direct referral to Magic Eden launchpad

Getting ready for mint day

Transaction details including wallet addresses, Discord ID, etc. are automatically registered by Helio and can be downloaded to CSV from the Helio dashboard or automated into a Google Sheet.
You can share this sheet directly with your launchpad (e.g. MagicEden, OpenSea, etc.) for the automated airdrop or free mint claim.
All your sales in one place. Export via CSV to prepare your airdrop or mint-claim
We also make it simple to pre-sell spots from your Discord server and automatically assign the relevant Discord role with the Helio bot. Learn more about our Discord bot here: