Set up recurring payments in a few simple clicks

Set up a subscription page in USDC or other digital assets for SaaS, Discord memberships, content access and more with just a few clicks.

Use Helio Pay Links or embed the Checkout Widget to accept subscription payments on your own website. Use webhooks to listen to events and confirm subscriptions in real time.

Demo video

Any pre-approved amount of the Subscription is held in a Helio smart contract account. At the start of each period, the relevant amount settles automatically to the merchant's wallet.

Other useful tips

  • Customers receive up to 3x email reminders to seamlessly extend before the end of their subscription period (7, 3 and 1 day prior to the end). See demo example.

  • Customers can easily manage, stop and "top up" their subscription via the Helio dashboard.

  • You can also charge by the minute, hour or week, as an alternative to monthly subscriptions, great for offering access to video or other digital content

  • Set the default duration of your subscription period at a reasonable length to ensure users aren't required to pre-approve a large amount. Users can reduce the default duration on the checkout page

  • Gate your subscription to an NFT, Access code or exclusive Discord community. Learn more

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