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WooCommerce plugin

Add crypto payments to your store in minutes

Create Payment to use with the WooCommerce Plugin

  • Log-in to the dashboard, select CREATE PAYMENT -> select "Woo" from the predefined templates
  • Enter a name; choose the blockchains you'd like to enable for your payments; click 'NEXT'
  • Click 'CREATE' (with or without selecting any other advanced options)
  • Copy the Pay Link ID (e.g. 6569c1b26f81049171f37213) and save this somewhere locally
  • Go to Settings -> API to generate an API and secret key and save this locally

Add the plugin to your WooCommerce site

Download and configure the plugin in the following easy steps:
  • Visit https://woocommerce.com/products/helio-pay/ and download the latest plugin
  • Log into your WordPress site as the administrator and go to the 'Plugins' section
  • Click 'Upload Plugin' at the top of the page
  • Select the latest Helio plugin file you downloaded
  • Click the 'Install Now' button and the plugin will upload and install
  • Click the 'Activate Plugin' button to activate the plugin
  • The plugin is now installed. Keep the WordPress admin site open

Configure the Helio WooCommerce plugin

We can now configure the plugin to use the Pay Link and API keys we created earlier:
  • Select WooCommerce | Settings to get to the settings options
  • Click on the 'Payments' tab along the top options
  • The Helio plugin will be listed as 'Helio' - click the 'Finish set up' button
  • Tick the Enable 'Enable Helio Pay'
  • Enter the previously saved Pay Link ID into the 'Pay link request ID' field
  • Generate the API and secret key from the Helio dashboard -> Settings -> API and paste them into the fields. You're only required to do this for Mainnet. Configuring this for devnet is optional and for testing purposes only
  • Save changes

Testing your shop checkout

You can now test your shop checkout and pay with Helio!
  • Find an item in your shop and add that item to the cart
Add the Helio Cap to the cart to continue the checkout experience
  • View the cart to make sure you have the right item
View the cart
  • Proceed to checkout and then fill in all your details - then click the 'Pay with crypto through Hel.io' payment option to pay with Helio
Fill in the details and pay with Helio
  • Sign and then approve a transaction to pay for and process the order
  • Once processed you will receive confirmation of your order on the final checkout page
Order confirmation!
  • As a merchant you can now process the order per usual using your WooCommerce workflow. You can also log into the Helio dashboard for the full on-chain transaction details
WooCommerce transaction in the Hel.io dashboard
Completed transaction receipt in the Helio dashboard