Create, send, and pay invoices effortlessly🧾
Create an invoice in seconds, send with one click and receive money instantly anywhere in the world with the power of decentralised payments.
Helio enables invoicing with a simple user experience. Create, preview and send via email to your customers - no code or integration required. Utilise the dashboard to manage invoices and filter by status to stay up to date on paid, unpaid, and past due invoices.
Our API & Webhooks also make it easy to automate alerts, collect payments and integrate Helio invoices in to other systems such as Stripe for reconciliation.

Example - create and send an invoice in a few clicks

Create an invoice (step-by-step screens)

  • Log in to the Helio dashboard. Make sure to add your company and contact details to Settings -> Merchant Settings
  • Select Invoices from the left hand-nav and hit Create Invoice to create, or search and select a recipient from your address book
Add customer details. Email is required to send an invoice
  • Complete the other fields (Date, Invoice number, Due date, Invoice currency, etc)
  • Provide and "Invoice description" and tax % (if applicable). Select 'ADD' to include and price a line item in your invoice. Add as many as you require to update the total automatically
  • Once saved, you can preview via the share button and send via email. You can also duplicate and edit existing invoices
Invoice email example