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Receipts & refunds

Access your receipts & manage subscriptions 👍


It's easy for buyers to access transaction receipts. Simply log in to the Helio dashboard and hit outgoing transactions to access your receipts.
Demo: purchase item and access your transaction receipt

Manage subscriptions

When using Helio to purchase a subscription to a SaaS product, access to digital content with Helio Play or access to a Discord membership, it's easy to manage your live subscriptions in one place.
End users are reminded when their subscription comes to an end and can "Top up" with a single tap of their wallet. Users can also stop subscriptions from the checkout page or dashboard and return the amount for the remaining period.


If you would like a refund, please contact the merchant directly. We've made it very easy for merchants to refund directly from the Helio dashboard. Automated refunds are available on Solana and coming soon to other supported chains.
Transactions on the Helio platform are direct peer-to-peer transfers from the customer to the merchant, secured by the blockchain and irreversible. Once payment is sent, there's no way for Helio to reverse the transaction or reclaim funds on your behalf. As a result, we are unable to resolve any payment disputes.