Enable discounts via codes or NFTs 🎉


You can define up to 5 discount codes for each Pay Link. Enter the discount level to auto-calculate the price and define your discount code as follows:
Define discount code in Advanced Options
User simply enters the code on the checkout page to unlock the discount:
Unlock a discount via a code

NFT discounts

NFT discounts are available on Solana and coming to Ethereum soon
Merchants can also enable a discount on their checkout for holders of a specific NFT collection. Paste the NFT token address into the field and set the discount level.
Enable a discount for holders of a specific NFT collection
The user simply connects their wallet on the checkout and if an NFT of the relevant collection is held in that wallet, the discount is automatically applied. All NFTs in the associated NFT collection will benefit from the discount.
Unlock a discount by holding the relevant NFT in your wallet

How to find the token address?

Go to Solscan, search for the relevant NFT collection and click on any NFT. Note: the Token Address of ANY NFT in the collection works.
Copy the Token Address (at the top right) as follows and paste it into the token address field in the Helio dashboard.