Game deposits

Use Helio to seamlessly accept deposits into your game experience
Helio makes it simple for game developers to accept crypto deposits and allow users to add credits using any token. Whether you run a P2E game, poker, sports or casino game, you can integrate Helio deposits with just a few clicks.

How to set up your deposit payment?

  • Log-in to the dashboard to set up a Pay Link. Choose "Name your own price" or set a fixed price
  • Select the deposit currency (e.g. SOL, USDC, etc) and enable swaps to allows users to deposit any token of their choosing (e.g. BONK, FOXY, DUST, etc.)
  • Link the Helio Pay Link to your in-game button and use parameters to pre-fill the user ID, email or any other details
  • Alternatively, use Helio Pay Components to embed a white-labelled deposit flow inside your game or app
  • Use the Helio API to listen to webhooks to credit the balance to the user in real-time
Example deposit
Accept a deposit in real-time using Helio Pay Links, parameter to pre-populate user details and credit the balance in real-time using Helio webhooks