Gated payments

Require user authentication for your payment
With Helio, merchants can restrict access to payments based on specific Discord authentication, NFT-gating or an access code:
Require auhentication based on an NFT, Discord log-in or Access code

Discord authentication

With Helio, merchants can restrict payments based on specific Discord roles/permissions. This is especially useful for NFT pre-sales or e-commerce use cases targeted at holders of a specific NFT.
If you're an NFT project running a pre-sales campaign using Helio Pay Links, it's likely you will need to spin up multiple Pay Links targeted at many different projects with different Discord roles.
Rest assured, you can create as many Pay Links as you need, each that can have different Discord settings targeted at a specific NFT project or role ID.

How to set up a Discord gated payment?

When creating a payment, simply enable "Discord role verification" and enter the relevant server and role ID. This requires the user to sign in with their Discord credentials and prove role membership to access your payment.
Enable Discord role verification. Also enable Customer information -> Discord username if you want to collect the user's Discord ID in addition to the auth
If you would also like to collect the user's Discord ID as part of the payment, please ensure to select Customer information -> Discord username as this is NOT collected by default for privacy reasons.
In case you share the pre-sales link in your own Discord server, you can also assign a Discord role upon successful payment using the Helio bot
End users log in to the Helio checkout page using their Discord credentials. Helio checks role permissions in real time and if verified the user can continue to the payment.
User log-ins with Discord ID to access the payment
How to find a server and role ID?
Open the main page in your Discord admin panel and right click on your Discord Server name and then click "Copy ID". Save the server ID which will look similar to this: 993790854730874999
Copy the Discord server ID
Head to Server Settings" --> "Roles" to see your roles. Select the three dots to grab the Role ID. It will look similar to this: 993832483479093666
Copy the Role ID

NFT Gated access

Token-gating is a powerful new technology to enable e-commerce discounts, target high value communities and offer exclusive access.
We help anyone sell products and services exclusively to holders of a specific NFT collection by requesting NFT verification at the checkout.

How to set up an NFT gated payment?

Log in to the Helio dashboard. Hit Create Payment and follow the steps. In Advanced options, select NFT-gated access and add the relevant token address:
How to find the token address?
Go to Solscan, search for the relevant NFT collection you (in this example Okay Bears) and click on any NFT. Note: the Token Address of ANY NFT in the collection works.
Copy the Token Address (at the top right) as follows and paste it into the token address field in the Helio dashboard.
The user is now required to prove ownership of an Okay Bear NFT to proceed to payment. See a short video of the end user experience:
We do NOT support token-gated payments for NFTs staked in custodial accounts

Access code

A simple, friendly way to share an exclusive payment with your community, keep the unwanted at bay and create fomo. Share your Pay Link anywhere but guess what? You'll need the code to get access.