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Monetise access to anything with Web3 payments 🚀
If you're a creator and would like to gate access to your digital content (e.g. videos, podcast) based on metered billing or subscriptions, you can set up a payment using Helio Play.
We help projects monetise their apps and experiences by gating premium content, links, codes, community access, etc. with a 1-time payment using Helio Pay Links.
As an example, complete the Pay Link below to gain access to the Helio presentation, an overview of our product, team, mission and more.
  • Complete this Pay Link (cost = 0.001 SOL)
  • Hit reveal to grab the link
Complete user information, connect wallet and pay to access the presentation
Transaction completes. Hit reveal to grab the link.

Also learn more about building your own Web3 paywall with Helio Pay Streams