NFT OTC sales (private beta)

Sell a single NFT with a Pay Link 🪂
Helio OTC enables holders to sell a single NFT directly to a buyer via a Pay Link. This is also known as an "OTC sale" (over-the-counter) and it's a powerful alternative to wallet-to-wallet transactions, other OTC tools like FoxySwap, or listing your NFT on a marketplace like MagicEden.
There are a number of key benefits to using Helio OTC Sales including the ability to market your sale on a dedicated store-front rather than getting drowned out by the noise on a marketplace. You can fully customise your NFT sale including discounts, gating and much more.

How it works?

Log in to the Helio dashboard and hit Create Payment. Select the "Sell an NFT" option to list your NFT via a Helio Pay Link. The NFT is held securely in a Helio escrow account and automatically released to the buyer upon purchase. You can also delist and return the NFT at any time by disabling the Pay Link the dashboard.

Helio OTC Demo

Helio OTC supports Solana NFTs (pNFTs not yet supported - coming in June 2023). Ethereum & Polygon NFT support is coming later in 2023. Our standard transaction fees apply.
Due to blockchain limitations it's not possible to edit the price of of your Pay Link once your NFT has been locked into escrow. If you want to change the price, simply disable the Pay Link to return your NFT and then create a new Pay Link with the updated price.

Demo - delist and return your NFT

Disable the Pay Link to delist and return the NFT
Why is my Pay Link showing pending or failed? In rare instances, the blockchain might not instantly confirm the transfer of the NFT to/from the Helio escrow account. In that scenario you can check your wallet and if the NFT is there you can simply try again by creating a new Pay Link.
Pending state. Try again if the NFT is in your wallet or if not, wait for the blockchain to process the transaction