NFT pre-sales

Sell NFTs with powerful payment tooling 🎨
We make it easy for creators to pre-sell their NFT to investors and community members using Pay Links. 100s of projects have used Helio tooling to raise millions of dollars.
We offer a simple and slick checkout experience to pre-sell NFTs and build momentum in the run-up to mint.
Short video demo. See an extended video demo below 👇

Key features

  • Set a price in SOL, MATIC, ETH, USDC, or any SPL/ERC-20 token or fiat currency
  • Enable swaps so users pay in their preferred token
  • Require user details such as a Discord ID and/or email address
  • ​NFT-gated access to target a specific DAO/project
  • ​Discord gated payments to target users & project with specific Discord roles/permissions
  • Gate access with an access code​
  • Enable quantity, set a min & max
  • ​Split incoming payments to another or multiple wallets such as a multi-sig
  • Limit sales and display a sales counter
  • Customise the URL
  • You can create as many pre-sales links as you want to tailor to specific investors/DAOs
Customise your pre-sales link with advanced options
Transaction details including wallet addresses, Discord ID, etc. are automatically registered by Helio and can be downloaded to CSV from the Helio dashboard or automated into a Google Sheet via API.
You can share this sheet directly with your launchpad (e.g. MagicEden, OpenSea, etc.) or simply mint the NFT via your own candy machine (e.g. Cardinal) for the automated airdrop during mint day.

End-to-end video demo:

Setting up an NFT pre-sales link
We also make it simple to sell WL spots from your Discord server and automatically assign the WL Discord role with the Helio bot. Learn more about how to set up our Discord bot here:
Please find a comprehensive guide for NFT pre-sales & WL sales on our blog: