Implement flexible subscription payments, all on-chain ⛓
Helio Pay Streams enable simple and flexible subscription payments in any Solana currency for SaaS, digital content, Discord access, utilities and more.
We offer no-code checkout experiences and powerful APIs & developer tools to help projects build subscription payments into their apps and paywalls.

Example of a monthly subscription payment

Merchants create their subscription payment in the Helio dashboard. Users pay with a single tap of their crypto wallet and receive an email confirmation. Merchants see all transactions in a single place
Set up your on-chain subscription payments in a few clicks
End users are reminded when their subscriptions come to an end and can "Top up" with a single tap of their wallet to extend their subscription. Users can also manage & cancel subscriptions from the Helio dashboard.
Users can top up and cancel subscriptions with ease
The pre-approved amount of the Subscription is held in a Helio smart contract account. At the start of each period, the relevant amount settles automatically to the merchants wallet.
End users can manage and top up subscriptions in the Helio dashboard.

Set up a subscription payment (step-by-step screens)

  • Add a name, image & description of your product or service
  • Set the duration (e.g. months) --> set the currency and price (e.g. 1 SOL) --> and set the maximum duration, which should be your default subscription period (e.g. 12 for a 12 months subscription period)
  • In the Advanced options, select to require customer details, limit total sales, NFT-gated access and email notifications. You can prefill customer details from your app using Parameters​
  • Save the Pay Stream and share the checkout link (customise the link by clicking the pencil)
  • When users pay for a subscription (e.g. 1 SOL/month for 12 months), they pre-approve the total amount (e.g. 12 SOL), which is held in a Helio smart contract account. At the start of every period (e.g. month), 1 SOL automatically settles to the merchant's wallet
  • Customers can stop the stream at any time, as well as top up, via the checkout page or dashboard. They can manage their subscription via the Helio Dashboard to renew (top up) or cancel subscriptions and receive the remaining amount back
Customer have the option to stop or top up their subscriptions
The Top up option gives the customers the possibility to renew their subscription for an additional period of time
If you require the user's email address at the checkout, user will automatically receive a reminder email to top up 3 days before the end of their monthly subscription or 1 day before a weekly subscription.
Merchants can view all Live and past subscriptions in the Transactions view
Including all details of each Pay Stream
At the start of each subscription period, the relevant amount automatically settles to the merchant's wallet
Users can also cancel and top up subscriptions by logging in the Helio Dashboard with their wallet -> Transactions -> Outgoing -> Stop Stream
Use our API and Webhooks to build & integrate Helio subscription payments into your app and paywalls
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