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Pricing & fees

Explore Helio's pricing options & fees
We make it easy to accept a wide range of digital currencies across blockchains including USDC, SOL, ETH, BTC, MATIC, or any ERC-20 or SPL token.
Set a price, choose your blockchains and currencies in a few simple clicks

Pricing options

  • Choose single or recurring payment
  • Set your price (in a digital or fiat currency)
  • Choose the blockchains you'd like to enable for your payments
  • Choose the digital currencies you'd like receive as payment. We pre-select USDC, USDT and native currency of the blockchain you've enabled (SOL, ETH, BTC, MATIC).
  • Enable swaps to allow buyers to purchase with additional currencies
  • Allow users to name their own price (e.g. donations, deposits, etc)
  • Choose your recipient wallet for each blockchain. Payouts are 100% decentralised, meaning Helio never holds custody and funds flow in real-time from the buyer to your wallet
  • We automatically enable debit/credit card payments on checkouts via Helio Wallet, merchants always receive digital currency
  • The buyer chooses their network and currency at checkout. Prices are are automatically converted


Transaction fee
Our standard Terms of Use apply. Subscribe to HelioX by holding 2x NFTs in your connected wallet to benefit from the lowest fees.
Optional add-ons
Token swaps
NFT Airdrops
Token-swaps: buyers choose to pay in any supported currency at checkout, always receive your chosen token via swaps. This fee only applies if the buyer actually uses the swap
NFT Airdrops: Helio airdrops a cNFT to your to your customers upon purchase
Escrow: for NFT pre-sales Helio offers an optional escrow service with a fee of 2%