Pricing options & fees

Set prices in a fiat or cryptocurrency and let users pay in any token
When setting up payments in the Helio dashboard, Merchants can choose a default currency, fix the price in a different currency (typically a fiat or stablecoin for risk-free payments) and let users pay with their currency of choice during checkout with token-swaps.
Let's illustrate the options with an example:
Pricing options in the Helio dashboard
  • Currency: this is the currency the merchant receives, in this case USDC
  • Allow token swaps: the merchant enables this option to allow customers to pay in any supported currency. A currency swap happens at the checkout so that the merchant will always receive their default currency
  • Fix price in a different currency: the merchant can set the price in a different currency including fiat currencies. In this example, the item is priced at €10, which is converted in real-time to 10.612 USDC at the checkout. The price conversion refreshes every 2 minutes
Fixed price of €10 is automatically converted at the checkout to 10.612 USDC

Watch product demo - how to configure pricing options in Helio

Pricing options - demo


The following fees apply for the various payments options:
Standard payment
Price-converted payment
Token-swapped payment
Helio Play
We are able to agree custom fees for customers with large payment volumes over +$1M. Please contact us directly on Discord or via the website


Standard payment: set the price and receive payment in the same currency
Price-converted payment: fix the price in a fiat/cryptocurrency and receive payment in another currency
Token-swapped payment: consumers choose to pay in any supported currency at checkout. Always receive payments in your chosen currency via swaps. This fee only applies if the consumer actually uses the swap
Helio Play: creators monetise their digital content using Helio payments. In addition to processing the payment, Helio is also hosting the content which comes with additional storage & computing costs. Learn more about Helio Play
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*Base fees of 0.5% for HelioX standard payments introduced from January 25th, 2023 onwards