Pricing options & fees

Set your price and let users pay in any token
Helio helps merchants accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies including USDC, SOL, ETH, MATIC and any ERC-20 or SPL token. Merchants can choose a default currency, fix prices in a fiat or stablecoin (for risk-free payments) and also let buyers choose to pay in their favourite cryptocurrency with token-swaps.
Pricing options in the Helio dashboard


Base fee
Standard payment*
Our standard Terms of Use apply. Subscribe to HelioX by holding 2x NFTs in your connected wallet to benefit from the lowest fees. HelioX is available for Solana (and coming soon to Polygon & Ethereum).
Optional add-ons
Price conversions
Token swaps
*The discounted base fees of 0.5% (HelioX) and 1% reverted back to 0.6% and 1.2% from 22nd of May 2023


Standard payment: set the price and receive payment in the same currency
Price-conversion: fix the price in a fiat/cryptocurrency and receive payment in another currency
Token-swaps: buyers choose to pay in any supported currency at checkout. Always receive payments in your chosen currency via swaps. This fee only applies if the buyer actually uses the swap
Helio Play: carries a fee of +15% on Helio Pay Streams only (but not Pay Links). In addition to processing the payment, Helio is also hosting the content which comes with additional storage & computing costs. Learn more about Helio Play​
Escrow: for NFT pre-sales Helio offers an optional escrow service with a fee of 2%

Demo - configure pricing options in Helio

Pricing options - demo