Safety tools

Use Web3 payments safely
Helio offers various safety tools & merchant verification to help you make & accept payments with peace of mind.
Before purchasing on Helio Pay Links, always check that the merchant can be trusted with our easy to use safety features below.
Wallet Transparency
Users can look up the recipient wallet (on the block explorer) from the Helio checkout page with a single click.
Safe Pay Link. Click the wallet icon
The block explorer is essentially a public record of the wallet's transaction history. A legitimate wallet has a healthy balance, frequent transactions and a history of transaction over a recent amount of time.
Legitimate wallet
A scammer's wallet was typically created recently, holds little balance and shows very limited transaction history.
A scammers wallet
Pay Links from merchants who disable wallet transparency are automatically marked with a warning message
Suspicious Pay Link
Report a suspicious link
Report a suspicious link to the Helio team directly from the checkout page or report the link in a dedicated channel in our Discord. Our security operations monitor and shut down suspicious links and blacklist wallets 24x7 using automated tools based on heuristics, as well as reports.
Twitter confirmation badge
Merchants can confirm their Twitter account directly with Helio to benefit from a "Twitter confirmed" badge on Helio checkout pages.
This is important as it signals trust and proves you're the verified owner of the merchants Twitter handle. Pay Links from merchants who haven't confirmed their Twitter account show an unconfirmed symbol.
If you'd like to verify your Twitter account, please complete this form and follow the instructions. We aim to verify and enable the badge on your Helio checkout pages within 24 hours during workdays
Pay Link authentication
We offer authentication options for Pay Links such or Discord SSO, NFT gating or passwords. This helps merchants lock down payments to a targeted and intended customer audience
Unique URLs (aka slugs)
Merchants can use unique URLs such as to help customers recognise that the Pay Link belongs to them
Additional merchant verification options including full KYC will be delivered soon as part of our in-app wallet work. If you have additional safety recommendations please contact us in Discord or via the website.