Demos & tutorials
Useful resources to help you get started with Helio ⚡️
We're now in Beta on Mainnet with our Pay Links feature. Connect your wallet at hel.io to check it out. This is a little how to video to help you add your first product/service, set-up a pre-built checkout page and get paid instantly with Helio 🎉
Helio beta - Pay Links demo
You can also have a spin with our Beta Dashboard on Solana devnet 🌞
  • You need a Solana wallet such as the Phantom wallet plug-in installed for Chrome, Brave, etc.
  • Connect your Phantom wallet to Devnet. Settings --> Change network --> Devnet
  • Make sure you have some SOL (airdrop for free here)
  • Navigate to https://dev.hel.io/
  • Hit CREATE PAYMENT to add your product/service and set-up a pre-built checkout page
We will publish more product tutorial videos here soon to highlight the important Helio use cases and get you up to speed with the product quickly:
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