Guides & demos
Useful resources to help you get started with Helio ⚡️
We're now in beta on Solana mainnet. Connect your Solana wallet at hel.io to check it out. Check out this video to help you create your first Pay Link and get paid instantly with Helio 🎉
Helio open beta is live - Pay Links demo
You can also test Helio on devnet. This allows you to test our payments platform end-to-end without using real money.
  • You require a Solana wallet such as the Phantom wallet plug-in installed for Chrome, Brave, etc.
  • Connect your Phantom wallet to Devnet. Settings --> Change network --> Devnet
  • Make sure you have some SOL (airdrop for free here)
  • Navigate to https://dev.hel.io/
  • Hit CREATE PAYMENT to get started
Please check out the following guides that highlight the important Helio use cases and help you get up to speed with Helio quickly.
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