Discord subscriptions

Gate access to premium Discord channels using tokens 🔥
Helio offers an end-to-end solution for subscription access to your premium Discord channels such as support, premium content, memberships, alpha, whitelists, NFT pre-sales channels and more.
We support SOL and any SPL token which means subscription channels also offer a unique opportunity to create utility for creators with their own tokens.

Set up your Discord subscription - video:

The Helio Discord bot automatically assigns the role when the subscription payment completes
The Helio Discord bot automatically removes the role at the end of the subscription period.

Set up your Discord subscription - step-by-step guide:

  • Authenticate Helio with your Discord server: settings --> Discord --> Authenticate & save your settings
  • Set up the Helio bot in your Discord server. Follow these instructions:
  • Create a Pay Link or Stream. Configure Payment details and Pricing Options. Select relevant Advanced options such as NFT gating, and enable require customer details to select the Discord username -> Assign Discord role
Choose a Pay Link to enable perpetual access to your Discord channel with a 1-time payment, or a Pay Stream to enable real-time access based on a recurring payment, e.g. a monthly subscription payment.
  • User connects wallets, enters Discord ID and hits pay. The Helio bot auto-assigns the Discord role on successful payment and equally removes the role at the end of the subscription period.
  • All your transactions in a single place including an on-chain record, Discord ID and of course wallet address. We also allow you to easily export the wallet addresses via CSV or API for data automation and integrations. Subscription payments are automatically withdrawn to your wallet once a day
  • Users can cancel their subscription by logging in the Helio Dashboard with their wallet -> Transactions -> Outgoing -> Stop Stream.
  • When a user cancels their Pay Stream, the role will remain valid until the END of their subscription period (vs removing the role instantly). For example, if a user purchases a subscription for 1 month and cancels after 1 week, she continues to have access for another 3 weeks!
User is removed at the end of the subscription period when a user cancels
  • Users are also reminded to Top up 3 days before their monthly Discord subscription comes to an end and can top up and managed their subscriptions from the checkout page or dashboard
If you want to set up multiple roles and subscriptions in a single Discord server you can do so by logging in to Helio from a different wallet and authenticating a different Role ID in the same server from Settings --> Discord